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We Deliver True Customer Service

We provide the most comprehensive, and personal, seller services in the live auctions industry. We take the time to get to know every one who sells with AMA as well as understand their individual motivations and goals for their auction, or auction items. To us, service runs deeper than just calling the auction; we provide hands-on support from start to finish for each item.

Loaders & Equipment

From set-up to load-out, we have a fleet of loaders and equipment capable of handling anything you're selling or buying. Our equipment is available for auctions held on our lot, or at your place.

Load-out Service

We quickly, and accurately, load out all purchases with our fleet of loaders and equipment so buyers can leave the auction with their purchases.

Sale Set Up

Whether your auction is at AMA or your place, our experienced team goes above and beyond to ensure every auction is set up to maximize efficiency and results.

Mechanical Work

We've developed a network of partners who can provide on-site mechanical services, tire repair, and more for the items you sell with AMA.

Washing & Detailing

We are dedicated to delivering premium results for each item you sell with AMA;  through contracted mobile on-site service AMA can arrange for washing and detailing of your equipment.

Equipment Transportation

If you're ready to sell with AMA but aren't able to bring your auction items to our lot, we can coordinate transportation so your items arrive at our lot safely in time for sale day.

We Make Buying & Selling at Live Auctions Easy

We’re Dedicated to Unrivalled Customer Service for Our Buyers & Sellers

Chuck and Norma Miller founded Auctioneers Miller & Associates in 1980 to provide auctions focused on integrity, honesty, and true partnerships. Over the past three decades, AMA has grown from a local auction company to an industry leader serving buyers and sellers across the country and the world.

Located in the heart of Northeast Colorado, Auctioneers Miller & Associates conducts live auctions including farm machinery and equipment auctions, real estate auctions, business liquidation auctions, estate auctions, consignment auctions, farm auctions, and more. Our full-service auction company is designed to provide comprehensive marketing opportunities for sellers, accurate information and multiple bidding options for buyers, and the most efficient auctions in the industry.

With a dedication to live auctions, AMA brings buyers and sellers together for transparent transactions. We believe live auctions are the only way to create a true competitive bidding atmosphere that translates to premium results, for buyers and sellers. Our entire team is committed to upholding our standards of service, integrity, and efficiency for every auction. Our goal is to develop long-term relationships and become a true and trusted partner for our buyers, sellers, and communities.

Over 30 Years Delivering Premium Results for Buyers & Sellers