AMA offers complete personal property appraisal and chattel appraisal services.

Personal property appraisals, or chattel appraisals, evaluate the professional valuation of movable assets that are not fixed to real estate. These items range widely in type and value, encompassing everything from household goods, antiques, and collectibles to machinery, vehicles, and jewelry. The purpose of these appraisals varies, including for insurance, estate planning, taxation, sale, or legal disputes.

The time required to complete personal property appraisals varies based on the type of item you would like to be appraised and its age, condition, location, accessibility, as well as other factors. The current market conditions and the availability of comparable sales data also influences the appraisal duration. When market data is readily available, appraisals are completed more swiftly, whereas unique or rare items may require more extensive research.

To get a precise estimate of the time and cost for your specific personal property appraisal needs, we encourage you to contact AMA Auctioneers Miller & Associates. Our team of experienced appraisers is equipped to handle a wide range of items, and we can provide detailed information about our appraisal process and associated fees. By discussing your unique requirements, we will give you a clearer picture of what to expect and how we can best assist you.

For more information about our appraisal services, including timeframes and costs, please reach out to AMA. We are here to help you understand the value of your items with accuracy and professionalism.

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