Causey Ranch - SOLD

   Property Location 

3200 contiguous acres of grassland, dryland farm ground and improvements. 2818 acres m/l of grass and improvements. 382 acres m/l of dryland farm ground.


  Notes - The Causey Family homesteaded on this ranch in the early 1900's. Cliff and Beverly took over the ranch in the 50's and enlarged it to what it is today. The grazing and farming diversification made it one of the unique ranches in the area. Unfortunately Cliff & Beverly have passed and the remaining family are all non-residents. They have decided in respect of the Legacy that was built it would be best to sell the ranch and invest in the other successful things the family is now doing.


There is a large volume registered well East of the road that provides the majority of the livestock water for the ranch. There are 2 other unregistered wells that have not been used for a while. There is a creek bed running through the ranch that provides some live water.


Purchase price includes half of seller's currently owned minerals except the 320 acres which are producing and seller is reserving.


3 houses which have not been lived in for a number of years and will need some work, corrals with large tree windbreak, large shed across from improvements, which was the lambing barn years ago. Quonset in yard, grain storage & other miscellaneous outbuildings.

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